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Dental implants and dentures are solutions for replacing missing teeth. You can choose either option to replace one missing tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch of teeth. Why should you choose implants over dentures even though implants cost more? We will explain five reasons to consider implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Reasons to choose dental implants over dentures include oral health and implant function, maintenance, longevity, and aesthetics—which are superior to dentures. Consider the benefits.

Oral Health

You can maintain better oral health with dental implants for these reasons:

  • Do not require work on adjacent teeth – A removable partial denture for replacing one or more missing teeth clasps onto adjacent teeth for support. The clasps will weaken your tooth, and they can eventually loosen. Implants keep adjacent teeth intact.
  • Eliminate risks of complete removable denture – A denture that replaces all your upper or lower teeth rests on your gums. The pressure can irritate your gums and bone and make them sore. In contrast, dental implants support denture teeth and prevent the denture from accelerating bone shrinkage.
  • Stimulate the jawbone – Dental implants replace tooth roots and stimulate that jawbone, preventing bone shrinkage and premature facial sagging from lack of bone support.


Dental implants outperform removable dentures because they are stable. They have these benefits:

  • Improve speech – Implants make it easy to speak and enunciate clearly. Your removable denture will not move, slip, or fall out when you talk.
  • Improve chewing efficiency – Implant-supported dentures stay in place when you eat, helping you to enjoy eating during social events without embarrassment. Improved chewing efficiency supports good digestion.


You can floss and brush dental implants as you would your natural teeth. Implants eliminate these maintenance steps:

  • Using dentures pastes or adhesives to keep them in place
  • Removing a denture to clean it
  • Soaking a denture overnight


Dental implants outlast removable dentures. A denture solidly supported by implants helps your denture teeth last longer. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry confirms that a complete removable denture lasts seven to fifteen years, and replacing it several times over the years can become costly

Consider other facts:

  • You will not need to handle your denture teeth for cleaning
  • Implant fixtures, or artificial roots, last 20 years or longer
  • You will replace your denture teeth only when they wear out over time


Dental implants look better than dental implants for several reasons:

  • The implant fixture functions like a tooth root
  • Single implants appear to emerge through your gums like natural teeth
  • Implant-supported dentures will fit snugly in your mouth and look more like natural teeth


Improved oral health, function, maintenance, longevity, and aesthetics are reasons to consider dental implants over dentures. Whether you must replace individual teeth or all your teeth, implants will give you a more satisfying experience.

Compare Your Options

Request a consultation with a skilled implant dentist to discuss your options for dentures and implants. In Vancouver, Washington, Dr. Mo Saleh is a Diplomate of implantology. During a consultation, he will listen to your goals, examine your teeth, and take a CT scan. Afterward, he will explain your treatment options and what you can expect. Call Vista Dental today for a consultation.

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