The Washington Post recently published alarming dental statistics. 26% of American adults have untreated cavities. 13% of adolescents aged five to 19 have tooth decay that is left untreated. Additionally, 46% of adults aged 30 and over have signs of gum disease.

It is vital that you make regular visits to the dentist and that you choose the best dentist in Vancouver, WA. The faster you can identify problems with your oral health, the quicker a dentist can help you before it becomes a much bigger issue. 

Better oral health is your future. It’s closer than you think. Read these best practices for choosing a dentist.

1. Dental Care Referrals

Dental health is vital to an individual’s overall health, so you want to trust that the dentist you visit provides the best oral care. The best source of referrals can come from your family physician. Another option is to ask your neighborhood pharmacist.

Family and friends likely have excellent recommendations, too. Check with your social network for word-of-mouth referrals.

2. Online Reviews

Even when you receive a referral, it is essential to check online reviews. The people you ask will have insight, but you want to know feedback from people you do not know. Previous patients can give you an authentic opinion about the dental care provided by the dentist you are vetting.

Facebook and Google have business reviews, and anyone can contribute their experiences. The Better Business Bureau is another fantastic resource. 

3. Updated Technology

There have been many advancements in oral health in the last couple of decades. The quality of dental care has improved significantly from digital technology.

Ask the dentist if they have digital X-rays before making an appointment. Digital X-rays are superior to dental X-rays of the past, with more clarity, better resolution, and precise details. It also exposes patients to less radiation than film X-rays.

4. Friendly Staff

It’s about more than your oral health. You want a superior customer experience, and you deserve it! It would help if you demanded dental staff that is efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Recent research finds that many people develop dental anxiety in their childhood. This has led to 75% to 80% of patients carrying this fear into adulthood. 

If you are not thrilled about making a dentist appointment, consider choosing a dentist that offers professional and personalized service. Then, you will find your visit more pleasant.

5. Provides Multiple Services

Some dentists will only provide certain dental care services and will refer you to another office for additional work. For instance, they may be willing to do your dental cleaning but will send you somewhere else for a root canal. Select a dentist who will be your one-stop shop.

This will save you time. Not to mention eliminate hassles. Ask if the dentist can handle orthodontics, teeth whitening, dental implants, etc.

6. Provides Emergency Services

Whether it is you or your family member, emergencies can be a serious dental health issue. Left untreated, it can affect your overall health and lead to more significant problems like infections. You can also be left in a tremendous amount of pain, too. 

Dental emergencies are not an uncommon occurrence. You want to be prepared. When choosing a dentist, you must find one who handles emergency care services.

7. Location and Hours

Logistics is essential. You want a dentist close to you. Not only that, but it helps to have easy access to parking.

If you prefer public transportation, you will want to check bus or train stops nearby. As was just discussed, this is especially helpful to be prepared for emergencies. Depending on your dental health or the severity of a dental crisis, you may prefer public transportation over driving.

Plus, it would be best if you had a dentist that has convenient hours. Whether you prefer daytime, nighttime, or weekends, it is crucial to see that the time of week you need will have an available appointment when you need it.

8. Cost and Insurance

This is a significant factor. Depending on the services you need, you will want a dentist that accommodates your budget. They should be able to estimate the charges before they begin treating you.

Also, if you have dental insurance, you want a dentist who accepts your plan. This lowers your out-of-pocket costs. You can save money this way, so ask about which insurance they take before you schedule an appointment.

9. Schedule a Free Consultation

If you have found the perfect dentist, schedule a free consultation. Many offices allow this. Here, you can meet the dentist face-to-face and discover if you are comfortable with them treating you.

Further, this is an opportunity to ask questions. Whatever is on your mind, whether it is about treatment or types of services, you will get to the bottom of it with a brief, in-person chat. Having all the details you need will also help you feel better and reduce anxiety when you come for treatment. 

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