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We have now experienced the longest and deepest global recession since 1930. For many of us, this recession has led to feelings of gloom and despair. Also the level of hygiene has gone down a bit due to stress & situations like home quarantine and work from home scenarios. Your oral hygiene is vital to your health and well-being. It can even help prevent a recurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic scaring many across the globe. To ensure you stay healthy and protected, here are some basic preventive measures you can take to avoid contracting the infection.

You might find it surprising that regular oral hygiene is not only important for the health of your teeth, but also having a happier smile. Scientists have established that good oral hygiene can reduce the risk of many chronic and serious illnesses, as well as improving the quality of life in general. Dental health is just as important as overall health. We at Vista Dental, Vancouver, Wa want to make sure you’re informed in the best ways to take good care of your smile in these difficult times.

Oral Hygiene Fun Fact:

Snoring is also believed to be a result of poor oral health as it increases your risk for gum disease which can eventually lead to cavities. The best way to prevent snoring is by practicing good oral hygiene habits including

Below are some easy dental considerations to make sure you have a lifetime of oral health.

Use fluoride toothpaste but get dental consultation first.

The American Dental Association (ADA) is recommending adults and kids between the ages of 9 and 27 years use fluoride toothpaste for at least one week to help prevent cavities. Fluoride prevents cavities by promoting healthy teeth by alkalizing your system and supporting healthy bones. Fluoride also helps strengthen and enhance your immune system which can prevent you from getting sick and help prevent plaque accumulation on your teeth. It is best to choose a fluoride toothpaste that contains at least 1% of the lower acid zinc (Zinc fluoride) which is more effective (i.e. more effective at removing plaque) when said on mouthwash.

Never share a toothbrush

The main reason to share a toothbrush is because you accidentally forgot to bring one from home, but the chances are greater that you’ll pass germs on. Why? Bacteria can accumulate on toothbrushes over time and if someone else uses your old one it’s as good as sharing your toothbrush.

Change your Toothbrush, or you may have to change your teeth.

It also makes sense to change your toothbrush regularly – dentists recommend every 3-4 months or when it starts to fray or becomes worn. Soft bristles should be replaced once a month no matter how well of a job they do at scrubbing your teeth.

Since different people have different amounts


Dental hygiene — commonly abbreviated to DCH — is a term used to describe a series of hygienic measures recommended by dentists to reduce the spread of infection between patients. These measures include closing the lid of the toilet before flushing toilet paper, avoiding sharing plates, and not touching the floor with your bare feet when cleaning the toilet.

From flushing the toilet to avoiding the floor, here are five quick tips to make your bathroom safe for all. Dental hygiene is an important topic to learn and maintain. However, not all education on this topic is good. It can be tempting to just go up to the dentist with new teeth, but that can be dangerous. Even worse, improperly sealing the lid before flushing can allow germs and other foreign materials to get inside the cavity. For this reason, it is very important to close the toilet lid before flushing. Alert yourself with a plastic bag over your head, turn off the water and wait until an attendant comes to replace the lid. This may seem like a small thing, but if you avoid these situations during dental treatments it will reduce your chances of getting a cavity and prevent much more serious problems.

It is essential to visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Since dental hygiene is very important, it’s advisable to get it checked up once a year. This will ensure that your teeth stay healthy and clean, preventing cavities and other dental issues. It is possible for you to be at home whilst you have your visit at the dentist, as long as you stick to the dentist’s schedule. However, if you miss any of these steps then there may be issues done sooner or later which will require you to see a dentist at a later date. It’s important to make sure your teeth look their best, so a dental visit once a year should be in the calendar. Dental hygiene is essential to maintain a healthy mouth and stop bad breath and dental disease. It’s simple to get this done


Having good dental hygiene is one of the best ways to prevent dental caries. Dental hygiene is especially important for children, teenagers, and adults with poor oral health. Tooth roots can get caught in foods or fingers and can push back against teeth, damaging them. Fluoride is better at killing off bad bacteria so that your teeth stay healthy and strong. It may be surprising to learn that more than 40% of adults in the US have periodontal disease (9.5% if you don’t have dental insurance). The good news is that poor oral health isn’t caused by poor diet or poor oral hygiene – poor dental hygiene can be prevented by brushing and flossing nearly every day at home and at the dentist and by drinking plenty of water.

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